Infant Care: Atopic March, From Eczema To Asthma & How To Prevent It

As many as 15% of all children develop baby eczema. Out of those, 50-70% develop asthma later in life due to what is called the atopic march, which is the progression from baby eczema to asthma. If you are the parent of a newborn or are expecting a bundle of joy soon, it's crucial that you protect your baby's skin at home and with the help of the day care staff.

3 Activities to Help Your Child Get Ready for Preschool

Multiple studies conducted over the past 25 years have found that preschool education helps a child's cognitive development enough to increase their scoring on an IQ test by seven or eight points. These studies also show the benefits of preschool can also help a child's achievement test scores increase from the 30th to the 50th percentile. You can get your child ready for preschool by spending time with them to conduct some simple and fun science experiments.